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 Racing action at Jo Mow speedway 

We are the Joplin Missouri ( Jo-Mow ) lawnmower racing club . 

We are a group of people who take ordinary riding lawnmowers and turn them into real racing machines that can hit speeds up to 60 mph . 

Proud members of the  ( USLMRA ) United States lawnmower Racing Association,  We race and build following the USLMRA rules .

There is class to fit everyone and every budget making lawnmower racing a very easy and affordable motor sport to participate in .

Its also very entertaining to watch , When was the last time you watched a guy on a lawnmower slide sideways through a corner on two wheels or pull a wheelie going down the straightaway . If you are a fan of auto racing you are gonna love lawnmower racing . So come out and meet the racers , take your picture in the drivers seat and be prepared to have some serious fun . 


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