Picture Gallery

 This page contains pictures taken at Jo-Mow speedway and at other tracks and events I've attended . 

15 year old Chris  drifting through turn two on Jim Burke's  super stock . This was his first time out on a racing mower 

 Dustin Gilstrap leading the pack driving Larrys SP 

The yellow beast  is Teddy Bears supermod , its  powered by a wild V twin briggs and stratton and this bad boy is crazy fast 

 Under the canopy - between heats at a lions club fund raiser in Pea Ridge Arkansas, The guys put on a great show for the fans , raised money for a good cause and introduced me to the sport of lawnmower racing . Can you spot the rooster in this shot ?


 Levi Millard of Joplin getting it up on two wheels in turn one 

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